Windows Upgrade

I’m going to show my age with this… But my experience with personal computers predates Windows!!

I remember how the early versions of Windows revolutionized the industry by making computing much more simple and requiring less training.

But any PC user has learned that not every version of Windows has been a huge success…

Windows XP was the standard for a long time, but the need to run multiple programs pushed this operating system to its limits…

You can’t forget the answer to the problem, “Vista”… Yes, I’m sorry I had to remind you of this one!! The only good thing about it was the nice factory installed wallpapers!!

It didn’t take long for Windows 7 to come out, and finally, an operating system that worked great and was easy to use!!!

Now finally happy, I get a new computer…. And because of the demand for “touch screen technology (and let’s be honest…why do you need a touch screen PC? You know it’s the kids who are going to be touching the screen…and guess where their fingers have been!!) Windows 8 makes its debut!!! And for the first time, I honestly considered throwing my new computer through a window and buying an iMac!!

Windows 8 was so bad that Microsoft skipped 9 and went straight to Windows 10!!

And to be honest, I was a bit reluctant to upgrade to the new OS, because I was just learning 8…. But when I did, I was pleasantly surprised…It actually works great!!!

Now as frustrating as all of this updating and upgrading becomes, having to learn your way around a new program…It is necessary…. Don’t believe me? Go sit behind an old XP desktop, that you used to think was fast an awesome, and see how long it takes to pull your hair out because it’s so slow you’re watching the grass grow between processes!!!

We have to change with the times!!!

And of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tie this story into a lesson for your spiritual life…

We have to change with the times!!!

We need to upgrade our Spiritual Operating Systems on a regular basis, if we are going to continue making a difference in this world!!

Just like computers, culture is changing faster than ever, and the way we reach people has to change with it!!!

I don’t know anyone who’s still using AOL dial up (told you I would show my age…) but we keep trying to do church and reach the lost the same way we did 15 years ago (or sometimes 40 years ago)!!

We have to change with the times!!!

The Bible teaches us that we have to upgrade our operating systems…Not once, but often…

Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Today’s culture demands, faster, stronger, more exciting, cutting edge, HD…

And if all we offer is old, slow, dull, and boring….We’re going to be set on the curb with those old slow outdated PC’s with a dial up modem…

We serve a God who can do exceedingly, abundantly, above all…

There’s nobody greater, nobody stronger, nobody more exciting than my Jesus!!!

We have to be willing and able to present Him to today’s culture effectively….

You already have the fastest wireless connection available with your service provider…A mighty God and the power of prayer…

Get connected today and ask for the latest upgrade, so you can make a difference in this world!!

Love and blessings,

Pastor Daniel