Redeeming The Time

This past Wed. night, we dug into Ephesians 5:16-18, and something that still resonates in my spirit is the phrase “redeeming the time”.
that simply means to make the most out of every opportunity, every season…not just for our own good, but for Christ and His Kingdom!!!
I have to admit, that this simple verse in The Bible has caused me to look at my own life a little closer and make some adjustments.
It’s been quite a year for me… Being back in full time employment while maintaining a family and leading a church, motorcycle accident in July, there’s more, but will keep it short…
But God has allowed me to focus on some very positive things, things that have made a difference this year… Some great new families at our church, the new Motorcycle Ministry, financial breakthroughs at the church…
this is all just a lesson about “redeeming the time” making the most of every season and opportunity, find the silver lining on a cloudy day, make lemonade out of those lemons you get!!!
Just look around you… there are always opportunities to share the love of Jesus in this world…Take advantage of those… it may make a tremendous difference in someones life!!
“Redeem the time”
Love and blessings,