I had an interesting conversation with someone at the end of a church service recently… A gentleman who visited the church for the first time, who quickly commenced to tell me everything he liked, and disliked about his experience in our service…

Now honestly, I appreciate feedback, that is constructive, and will look at these areas to see if we need some improvement (except for that part about the guitar being too loud 😁…)

But, there was one thing that made me step back a little with caution… This gentleman very adamantly said, “when you started talking about God’s blessings, I was afraid you were one of those prosperity preachers…”

I explained to the gentleman that I’m extremely careful to stay very close in context to God’s Word in preparation, and presentation… And in that, The Bible is very clear about God’s system of blessing, and how we can access those blessings… 

So, am I a “prosperity preacher”? 

I prefer to be considered a Biblically sound, Gospel centered preacher… and with that, I will definitely lean towards the fact that God wants to bless His children abundantly!

Take this one verse (although there are many more…):

3 John 2

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 

This word “prosper” simply means to be successful.

And it’s pretty clear that the Inspired Word of God, demonstrates the fact, that our Almighty God, wants us to be successful in every area of our life (in all things)!!

  • In our Spiritual life…
  • In our health…
  • In our relationships…
  • And yes, even in our finances!!!

So, if believing that makes me a “prosperity preacher”, count me in!!

For me, it’s just getting into agreement with God and His Word, and experiencing the  benefits that come along with it. And I pray that you are experiencing that prosperity in your life. 

If not, let me know and I’ll be glad to share a little more with you!



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  1. Marsha Price says:

    I think that sometimes, we get stuck in the ‘performance-based acceptance’ life and will walk our journey, learning in time, that prospering is a natural outflow of God’s character and the way He set things in motion for His people to live. First Christ and the rest will follow naturally. I do think that in our society, “prospering” tends to be tied too much to money first and not the success we experience in all areas of our life. Great word, Pastor.

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