The Bandwagon

Last year the hometown team, The Carolina Panthers, made it to the Super Bowl…

And me, a lifetime Dallas Cowboys fan, pulling for the home team to win was accused of “jumping on the bandwagon”!!

I want to set this straight once and for all…

  • I am and always will be a Cowboy’s fan!!

It takes commitment to be a Cowboy’s fan!!!

And you have to stay committed through;

  • Good times and bad
  • Winning seasons or losing seasons
  • Super Bowl or not (but remember we have five rings!!)

But sure enough… The next winning season…The next time we’re in the playoffs, the next time we win the Super Bowl (please be this season!!)…

  • There will be people jumping on “the bandwagon”
  • Calling themselves Cowboy’s fans…
  • Until the next losing season…
  • Then they’re nowhere to be found…

Did I say it takes commitment to be a Cowboy’s fan?

Did you know it takes even more commitment to be a Christian?

And just like football, there are lots of people who jump on and off

  • The Jesus Bandwagon!!

That’s right, as long as everything is going their way; they wear the Jesus tee-shirt and show up for the game (the church) on Sunday and believe for the victory!!

But when things aren’t going exactly the way they planned they jump off the bandwagon faster than they got on!! (no tee-shirt, no church on Sunday…)

The Bible even talks about this “Jumping on The Bandwagon”

Luke 14 talks about people who jump on the Jesus Bandwagon for the good times, and jump right back off…

“28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it—“

Did I say it takes commitment to be a Christian?

You have to understand going in that there will be great times (and lots of them!!), but there will also be some difficulties in your Christian life!!

Jesus said “many are called, but few are chosen…”

Those are the “Bandwagon Christians” Jumping on only for the good times…

Don’t jump on The Bandwagon; get in for the long haul… Committed Christians…

This one really is “God’s Team”!!

Team Jesus all the way!!!

Love and Blessings,

Pastor Daniel